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December 4 - Turnkey Rental Properties

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Would you like to get started with owning a rental property, but you are not sure you are ready to directly handle the 3 T's (Tenants, Toilets, and Trash)?

Come to MIG on Wednesday, December 4 to learn about turnkey rentals of single family homes.

Turnkey real estate companies sell new or renovated homes that are pre-leased to tenants and managed by a property management company. Investors (maybe you!) purchase these homes for passive real estate income.

We are fortunate to have C.A.P.S Turnkey and Property Management from Highland, Indiana coming to present to MIG in order to teach us all about this concept.

Also, one of our MIG members, Carlos, will share his experience owning Turnkey rental homes.

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